Value of a bachelors degree

Studies show that people with four-year college degrees earn more money than those without over their lifetime, that they are more likely to find jobs and, once employed, are almost twice as likely to be selected for on-the-job training. This has prompted a stampede through college and university gates.

Value of a bachelors degree

Choosing a college major is a very personal thing. Everybody has an opinion. The purpose of this ranking of the best value college majors is not to tell you what you should major in.

This is the beginning of anything you want!

Instead we seek to provide you with information so you can make the best decision for you. Ultimately the best value college major is one that will allow you to support yourself and be fulfilled in your work.

Value of a bachelors degree

That being said, when it comes to monetary value, not all college majors are created equal. Being able to start your career without pursuing a higher level degree immediately adds years of earning and value.

They all have high starting pay, and are the highest paying jobs regarding median salary that you can hold with just an undergraduate degree.

What is the Value of a College Degree?

We hope this ranking of the best value college majors will help you make an informed decision about college.

Information on our ranking methodology and sources is available at the end of the article. Communications with Public Relations Minor Rating: And public relations managers in general are an essential part of any large company or corporation.

While historically it was common to require a business degree for this position, more and more companies are looking for communications specialists as public relations has become much more complicated with the advancement of communication technology.Jan 09,  · Are college degrees still worth it in this economy?

College Degree Loses Value

An analysis of federal data shows young adults with bachelor's degrees are faring much better than their less-educated counterparts. The question families should be asking now is whether it's worth borrowing tens of thousands of dollars pursuing a degree from Podunk U. if the credential is only a ticket to a barista's job at Starbucks.

On the contrary, bachelor’s degrees typically require four years of study; therefore, an associate’s degree can sometimes cost $80, less than a bachelor’s program.

Increased earning income from bachelors, masters and doctoral (PhD) degrees

Doubts about the value of a bachelor's degree creates new routes to careers. This is part of the cover story project in the June 18, issue of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly magazine.

How a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Could Help You While associate’s and diploma nursing programs focus primarily on the basics of clinical care, BSN programs offer a broader curriculum useful in diverse settings and cases. Sep 03,  · Watch video · In Colorado, graduates with associate degrees in applied sciences out-earned their counterparts with bachelor's degrees by more than $7, and in .

Value of a business bachelor’s degree versus a full MBA