Type 3 writing assignment ideas

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Type 3 writing assignment ideas

School-Wide Strategies for Managing It is no wonder that many students find writing to be a baffling exercise and have little sense of how to break larger writing assignments into predictable, achievable subtasks.

But of course writing can be taught and writing can be mastered. The best writing instruction places the process of written expression on a timeline: Good writers first plan their writing.

Once a draft has been created, good writers review and revise their work. While the stages of the writing process are generally sequential, good writers also find themselves jumping frequently between these stages for example, collecting additional notes and writing new sections of a paper as part of the revision process.

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Depending upon their stage of development as writers, struggling student writers may benefit from the following strategies: Jim's Recommended Internet Resources for You can find a library of well-written strategy sheets on advanced writing topics type 3 writing assignment ideas as defining audience, reorganizing drafts, and making transitions between sections of a paper.

This page contains links to articles on such topics as helping children with disabilities to access skills required for effective writing, employing instruction in memory techniques to teach writing, and the uses of computer-assisted writing instruction.

The page is sponsored by the Access Center.

type 3 writing assignment ideas

Some of the best on-line resources for writing instruction and intervention come from college and university writing centers. This page from Purdue University's Writing Lab provides a directory of links to writing centers across the nation and in other parts of the world.

Report Broken Link Writing Interventions: Part of a larger collection of intervention ideas, this page contains practical suggestions to improve writing instruction.

This 'Writing Skills Checklist' from Intervention Central allows intervention teams to inventory the student's mastery of the components of good writing--including the physical production of writing, mechanics and conventions, content and preparation, and the production and revision of drafts.

The checklist also provides intervention ideas to address identified writing problems. Report Broken Link Content: Students write lengthier stories that include greater detail when they use a memorized strategy to judge their writing-in-progress. These young writers are taught a simple mnemonic device with 7 elements: This mnemonic translates into a story grammar checklist: Students are taught this strategy through teacher demonstration, discussion, teacher modeling; and student use of the strategy with gradually fading teacher support.

Teachers can apply this intervention idea to any genre of writing e.

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Short daily writing assignments can build student writing fluency and make writing a more motivating activity. For struggling writers, formal writing can feel much like a foreign language, with its own set of obscure grammatical rules and intimidating vocabulary.

Just as people learn another language more quickly and gain confidence when they use it frequently, however, poor writers gradually develop into better writers when they are prompted to write daily--and receive rapid feedback and encouragement about that writing.

The teacher can encourage daily writing by giving short writing assignments, allowing time for students to journal about their learning activities, requiring that they correspond daily with pen pals via email, or even posting a question on the board as a bell-ringer activity that students can respond to in writing for extra credit.

Students gain motivation to write through daily monitoring and charting of their own and classwide rates of writing fluency.

Freewriting periods all the same amount of time each day. After each freewriting period, direct each student to count up the number of words he or she has written in the daily journal entry whether spelled correctly or not.

Next, tell students to record their personal writing-fluency score in their journal and also chart the score on their own time-series graph for visual feedback.

At the end of each week, review the class score and praise students if they have shown good effort. Teachers are most successful in reaching students with writing delays when their instruction emphasizes the full writing process, provides strategy sheets, offers lots of models of good writing, and gives students timely editorial feedback.

Students become stronger writers when exposed to different kinds of expressive text, such as persuasive, narrative, and expository writing. Teachers can make students more confident and self-sufficient as writers when they give them access to plentiful examples of good prose models that the student can review when completing a writing assignment.

Finally, strong writing teachers provide supportive and timely feedback to students about their writing. When teachers or classmates offer writing feedback to the student, they are honest but also maintain an encouraging tone. Assigning the class to write their own autobiographies can motivate hard-to-reach students who seem uninterested in most writing assignments.

Have students read a series of autobiographies of people who interest them. Discuss these biographies with the class.

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Then assign students to write their own autobiographies. With the class, create a short questionnaire that students can use to interview their parents and other family members to collect information about their past. Allow students to read their finished autobiographies for the class.Pearson Prentice Hall and our other respected imprints provide educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services across the secondary curriculum.

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type 3 writing assignment ideas

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