Topics to write about feminism

Such issues as racial, social and religious diversity, the differences in life quality between various social layers, negative financial outcomes of capitalistic economy, as well as a lack of equality and feminism related problems are very commonly chosen as topics for analytic articles, critical writings, or academic works. Feminism is a social movement that promotes equality of women and men in all aspects of our life.

Topics to write about feminism

The last few weeks have been very difficult for women in tech: Gurbaksh Chahal - then-CEO of a startup, was allegedly video taped violently attacking a former partner times in 30 mins He was finally fired some time after this was made public 3. People seemed to think it was fine to request the video in question without caring about the consent of the woman in the video — it was all about either exonerating or condemning the man involved.

Women’s Studies Paper Topics

This is not what we expected, we really just want to work on what we love. We happen to be humans who loved technology and embrace it wholeheartedly. But it was always clear things would be different if we were male.

Some of us identified as feminists before we came to this industry. Some of us felt that we didn't need the programs and events geared specifically towards women— until the bad stuff started happening to us. We thought they did more harm than help by calling attention to our gender, and we wondered what others were complaining about.

It was hard to see until we suffered also. Feminism is not a dirty word. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, and that we want to be treated as equals. The last thing we want is for people reading this to be put on the defensive.

What we want most is for people to read and understand what death by a thousand cuts feels like, and then understand why we feel sad and angry at the tech industry.

We also want you to understand that more still needs to be done. We get asked about our relationships at interviews, and we each have tales of being groped at public events. We've found casual assumptions that point at more significant issues. We've been harassed at these same conferences in person and online about our gender, looks, and technical expertise.

We regularly receive creepy, rapey e-mails where men describe what a perfect wife we would be and exactly how we should expect to be subjugated. We have watched companies say that diversity is of highest importance and have invited us to advise them.

Women's History Month Writing Prompts: 50 Ideas ⋆ Journal Buddies

After we donate much of our time they change nothing, do nothing, and now wear speaking to us as a badge of honor.

We've experienced a staggering earnings gap in our field, which, being freelance and project-based, makes it challenging to ascribe blame.

We've been told repeatedly that accomplishments were due to our gender and our role as the "token woman". Why we're writing this thing:In describing this evolution, first, second, and third wave feminism are multidimensional terms that function to make the unique advancements, influences, and impacts of each time period digestible.

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Slouching Towards Gomorrah -- Modern Liberalism and American Decline is a book by Robert H. Bork, who served as Solicitor General, as Acting Attorney General of the United States, and as a United States Court of Appeal judge. He has been a partner in a major law firm and during the '60s taught constitutional law at Yale Law School.

I'm suppose to write a paper portraying two sides of a controversial feminist topic but I can't decide what to write about.

Anyone have any topics. Feminism is an issue connected to the category of topics, which have relation to politics, history, and law. It is a phenomenon that can be viewed from at least two sides. First, it is a political movement linked with the struggle of women for equality.

Feminist debate on this issue reflects larger concerns surrounding feminist views on sexuality, and is closely related to feminist debates on prostitution, BDSM, and other issues.

topics to write about feminism

Pornography has been one of the most divisive issues in feminism, particularly among feminists in anglophone countries.

Women's History Month Writing Prompts: 50 Ideas ⋆ Journal Buddies