Stealing among students in uitm

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Stealing among students in uitm

Blaming women who work as the sole cause for marriages going bust or families falling apart is not only arrogant but hypocritical and ignorant. He accused them of ignoring their husbands and children because they preferred to work at offices instead.

His stinging words have prompted me to share a personal story of three generations of women I know. This is the story of my grandmother, my mother and myself.

My grandmother, Khatija Bee, married my grandpa when she was 19, and he, Unlike grandma, grandpa was well educated — but never treated her as less than his equal. He respected her, giving grandma much space and freedom to do as Stealing among students in uitm pleased.

When grandpa struggled to support a household of six children, grandma started her little business from her own kitchen. Grandpa took a backseat and took care of not only her, but all six of their children and later, the grandchildren.

My grandpa was a religious man, and he looked up to my grandma because of her strength and courage. Grandpa loved and admired grandma for the iron woman that she was — and that made their partnership last until the very end. My mother, Nisha, grew up helping grandma with her little business. At the age of 12, mom had to quit school and at 16, she met my dad.

Ten years older, dad took my teenage mom as his wife but they did not start a family until two years later. In those two years, my dad made it his responsibility to teach mom everything she needed to know.

Stealing among students in uitm

From English lessons to table manners and fashion sense to make-up tips, my dad taught her everything. And dad did not stop at that. From their first born to their third and lastdad put a lot of effort into supporting mom in every way.

Whenever mom was unwell, dad cooked, cleaned and nursed her back to health. Just like my grandma and mom, I too married early. Like the two men in my life — my dad and grandpa, I thought I could depend on my husband. However, with marriage, comes great responsibilities and even greater sacrifice.

After marriage, my husband enriched his life by pursuing his Masters, followed with a Doctorate while I enriched mine with the art of toilet-scrubbing and the laundry. He devoted himself to his career and I devoted myself to him, the children and the family as a unit.

For some reason, as dedicated and devoted as I was, I never was given the freedom both my grandma and mom enjoyed from their husbands — I was not allowed to pursue my education, work or even learn to drive. Even going out with friends meant begging for his approval. Unlike the two women before me, I was living in a modern world, yet I played the role of a submissive wife.The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student once stood out like a sore thumb among his varsity mates, when he openly supported the idea of UiTM opening up to non-Bumiputera students.

A sharp increase in mobile device and applications raise serious concern on individual privacy risk in smartphone. Capabilities of current mobile device which enable it to have similar functionality with notebook inspires user to use it for many purposes.

However, the scenario attracts attacker to intrude privacy in order to gain data on the device for specific purpose. During rafizi's time,there were smart students from other institutions. Out of 6 prime ministers, only 1 studied in mckk.

That UiTM is for Malays whose grade does not make the cut for entry into normal Universities? Stealing an election is what compared to stealing US$ billion? So Johor is safe. Avoiding Plagiarism: A Guide for Students Universiti Teknologi MARA | If I change the words, do I still have to cite the source?

Changing the words of an original. PLAGIARISM AMONG THE DEGREE STUDENT IN UITM KEDAH. No description It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward. and critical thinking abilities. Students committing plagiarism, it will destroyed the students reputation in UiTM Student are not aware the seriousness of this problem and how it can affect .

Depression among secondary school students: A comparison between urban and rural populations in a Malaysian community.

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