Sales techniques that room divisions staffs can use to promote and maximize revenue

Although considered second nature by most modern revenue leaders, the adoption of length of stay LOS restrictions is the still the most effective way to increase revenue per room. To make a length of stay strategy even more effective, try implementing it through rate levels or market segmentation. However, to implement this strategy successfully requires the hotel to understand its booking patterns correctly. Using one of the many hotel industry benchmarking tools, understand your current position within the marketplace.

Sales techniques that room divisions staffs can use to promote and maximize revenue

The roles and responsibility of the reception staff is assessed in the study.

Sales techniques that room divisions staffs can use to promote and maximize revenue

The management issues in the hospitality services are identified in the study in details. The factors affecting the business performance of the hospitality services are analysed in details in the study.

The relevant tools and techniques for maximizing the occupancy rate in hotel is assessed in terms of hospitality services.

A suitable sales plan is prepared in the study for promoting the hospitality services and maximizing revenue.

Chapter b - Constituent Units

The purpose of analysing statistical data related to room division services is also predicted in the study. Understanding of services provided by the room division department Role of accommodation and front office services for different organisations The front office and accommodation department of the hotel also deals with the fooding, sleeping facility provided to the guests.

The employees in the accommodation department provides guest handling services by receiving the booking details of hotel rooms such as details of number of days of staying, type of room like single or double demanded by the guest.

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The front office and accommodation services of the organisation used to be found at the centre point of the hotel for greeting the guests. The front and accommodation service of Milestone hotels is responsible for checking in and out of the guests the hotel. In Rudding park hotels, the employees in the front office department are also responsible for handling the message and taking the orders for food from the guest.

Analysis of roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff There are several staffs including receptionist, reservation supervisor, cashier and housekeeper. The receptionist of the hotel is responsible for welcoming the guests. The receptionist of the hotels takes the booking order with the details of the guest.

The amendment to the booking as per the guest requirement is handled by the receptionist of the hotel. As the receptionist of the hotel is mainly responsible for greeting the guests of the hotel, the quality of service depends on the receptionist of the hotel. The housekeeper of the hotels is responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness within the hotel.

The housekeeper of the hotels has the responsibility of providing comfort and safety to the guests for maintaining the brand reputation of the hotels in the competitive market. The reservation supervisor of the hotels handles the reservation system and monitors all the bookings taken by the receptionist and enters it into the database.

The requested changes to the booking details are updated in the reservation system by the reservation supervisor. The cashier of the hotels deals with the payment facility.

However, some hotels used to allocate the task of payment handling to the reservation department. Legal and statutory requirements applicable to rooms division operations in the UK The room division and operation management in the hotel industry needs to satisfy the health and safety of the guests, recycling of the hazardous material, data protection, proper dissemination of price and tariff details to the guests and compliance with the existing law in the UK.

The room division services in the UK is required to comply with the health and safety act of the UK. On the contrary, the hotels used to maintain compliance with the data protection act by keeping the privacy of the guest details.

Tsang and Hsup. The room division operation of the hospitality industry is responsible for the hazardous waste management for complying with the existing hazardous regulation of the UK. The booking tariff details of the hotels are required to be disclosed to the guests properly by the room division operation of the hospitality industry.

The price and discounts on the number of room booking and number of days staying in the hotels are required to be disclosed by the room division operation for transparency in the system. However, the fire regulation of the hotel premises is also required to be according to the safety standards.

Evaluation of services provided by the room division in at least three different hospitality businesses The Morley hayes hotel has maintained separate department as front office and housekeeping for proving the room division service to the guests.

The housekeeping service of the hotel maintains the cleanliness within the hotel premises. The front office of the hotel takes booking order from the guests and provides the sleeping facility to the guests.

The Milestone hotel in the UK have quite similarity with the room division operation with Morley hayes. The room division services in Milestone hotels have separate division of front office, housekeeping and reservation. The front office of the hotel is handled by the cashier and receptionist for providing services to the guests.Discuss the sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue.9 Analyze how forecasting and statistical data can be used within rooms division .

Sales techniques that room divisions staffs can use to promote and maximize revenue

Nelson College London Executive Summary: This paper is covered the maximum policy of the room division operation management and in this paper this is shown that how Radisson can maximize their profit and how efficient function can be done by different department and maximizing room revenue and determining pricing strategy for different time is also shown in this paper and this paper also %(3).

SUBARTICLE 1 Definitions SECTION Definitions of terms used in this article. As used in this article, the term "specifications" means any technical or purchase description or other description of the physical or functional characteristics, or of the nature of a supply, service, or construction item.

Sec. 10a (Formerly Sec. c). Duties of board of trustees.

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(a) Subject to state-wide policy and guidelines established by the Board of Regents for Higher Education, said board of trustees shall administer the regional community-technical colleges and plan for the expansion and development of the institutions within its jurisdiction.

Method 4: Reviewing a room type and its attributes, for example the view, a balcony or a Jacuzzi can allow a hotel to introduce new room type levels within a current room type category, and as a.


A hotel can implement several ideas to improve the efficiency and quality of its revenue management practices, which includes developing systems, projecting the future, monitoring competition and.

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