Plague of gripes writing a book

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Plague of gripes writing a book

The story is in chronological order. It is a very dull and boring town. It has no trees or real vegetation.

plague of gripes writing a book

The setting makes a pretty big impact on the novel. The town is struck with the plague, so the gates of the town are locked, and no one can get in or out.

All the townspeople are stuck there and feel almost like prisoners. The people feel trapped and some even try to escape. I think the setting caused the people to go a little crazy at times.

Rieux is the main character. He is a doctor that first recognizes that rats were dying exponentially each day and he wants something to be done about it. He is a very caring person and puts the health of the town above his problems, such as his wife being separated from him.

The rest of the characters are not nearly as prevalent as Rieux, but some of the others include Cottard, Tarrou, and Rampert. They are all acquaintances of Rieux that basically symbolize the mood of the rest of the town.

Each of them seems to represent a type of people and how they react to the plague. Cottard is a person who does not take any responsibility to help fight the plague. Tarrou is similar to Rieux in that he wants to help fight the plague.

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Rampert is someone who wants to escape and get out of the town. Each of the minor characters seem to represent how a bigger group of people react to the situation. The story starts out with Dr.

plague of gripes writing a book

Rieux seeing a rat stumble, collapse, and cough blood out of its mouth. He at first thinks nothing of it, but then starts to see more rats and finds it peculiar. Eventually there are more and more dead rats everyday. The authorities start to realize there is a problem and try to kill all the rats.

Then one of the townspeople gets very sick and dies in a fashion similar to the rats.

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More and more deaths start to occur and they realize that Rieux is right. People begin to realize they are going to be stuck in the town for a long time.

Initially the townspeople panic and some people, such as Rampert, try to escape, but fail. Thousands of people are taken by the plague.

Eventually the town starts to realize that they are in the situation together and begin to try to help one another get through it. They realize that everyone is dying, not just the poor or elderly, so they bond to help Rieux. At the end, the plague dies off and the gates of the town are reopened to begin normal life again.

I think one of the themes of the story is that we need to help each other, especially during difficult times. When the news of the plague first hit the town, everyone became selfish and only cared about themselves.

Everyone only looked out for themselves. As the story progresses, the people realize that they are in it together, and that they need to help one another survive.

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