Persuasive paper sweatshop benifits look worker s point vi

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Persuasive paper sweatshop benifits look worker s point vi


Its workers often work long hours for very low pay, regardless of local laws. According to the U. Unfortunately, the use of sweatshops became widespread recently.

Some well-known companies have been accused and criticized for using this way of production to keep their spending costs as low as possible. One of these companies is Nike. In place of it, Nike has contracts with other manufacturing companies and use foreign workers located in such countries as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico.

In place of it, Nike has a contracts with other manufacturing companies located in such countries as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. While company earns millions of dollars some of it workers are forced to work to support their families in poor labour conditions.

It should be emphasized, that Nike Company is not the one that owns these factories where its shoes are produced and the company is focused rather on marketing issues, not on producing.

But as a client it dictates the terms to the contractor. Companies used to avoid responsibility for factory conditions, so the anti-sweatshop movement has made this excuse unacceptable and forced the retailers — who are, after all, the ones who make the greatest profit, to take the responsibility for the employees of their manufacturing contractors.

In the next years employees in these countries has achieved the improved wage rates and right for form unions. Therefore, these productions were moved to the countries with a very weak situation with human rights in general and labour rights respectively. At first their factories were based in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, where wage rates are the lowest in the whole world.

The working conditions and low wages rates at the factories caused the critic against the Nike Company. There were different kinds of accusations in s, for example, accusations in child labor and that wages are well below the poverty level and of course the accusations in forced and unpaid overtime.

Besides it, others reported physical abuse from the management, poor conditions at work desks including the poor air quality. For example, in the first years that Nike was in Vietnam, one factory official person was convicted of physically abusing workers, another fled the country during a police investigation of sexual abuse charges and a third official was accused for abusing workers.

The choice for criticism. They began to overview these scandal information expecting that public attention and their pressure would influence the changes.

So Nike was chosen as an example and target for pressure, and human right groups expected that other manufacturers will have to accept this criticism and change their production rules. It was significantly important to choose the corporation that really could afford to implement the improvements.

At the same time 1, workers from Vietnam started their campaign in order to achieve a raise of one cent per hour. I need to draw your attention to the fact that protest campaigns took place despite the fact that the strikes were not allowed in the countries mentioned above. Protect workers who speak honestly about factory conditions.

Decent Wages Nike has rejected demands that it ensures that Nike workers are paid a living wage—that is, a full time wage that would provide a small family with an adequate diet and housing and other basic necessities.

Instead, the company has used statistics selectively and in a misleading fashion to give the false impression that wages currently paid to Nike workers are fair and adequate. Meanwhile those workers struggle to survive on wages that are barely enough to cover their individual needs, let alone those of their children.

Reasonable Working Hours Safe and Healthy Workplaces Nike has made important progress in reducing the use of toxic chemicals in sport shoe production. Unfortunately, on the few occasions in recent years that genuinely independent health and safety experts have been allowed access to Nike contract factories, they have found serious hazards including still dangerously high levels of exposure to toxic chemicals, inadequate personal protective equipment, and lack of appropriate guards to protect workers from dangerous machinery.

There is also considerable evidence of workers suffering stress from spending large amounts of time in high pressure and frequently abusive work environments. It was used as obligatory source by all of their contracting factories.

That is why this report was perceived as a victory for workers and human rights groups, mostly because independent public investigations were allowed.

Persuasive paper sweatshop benifits look worker s point vi

But some analysts say that these initiatives on monitoring that were accepted are too new to be able to determine how effective they will be. No one will argue that independent monitoring is important, but workers themselves should be able to have a chance for labour and human rights through their own factories in the first place.

He intended to set up the standards for apparel and shoes industries that other companies should follow. Here are these promises:Arguments for and against Sweatshops.

Uploaded by. In accordance with Immanuel Kant’s ethics, opponents of sweatshop dispute the arguments justifying unconscionable wages by asserting that sweatshop sweatshops overlook human dignity and human rights (Kant , p).

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It is important to analyze the benefits brought by sweatshops from. Persuasive paper: Sweatshop benifits. A look from the worker's point of view.

You lower taxes to the point to where people can afford to do more things; the art of the consumer starts to boot up. > Girls between the ages of 15 and 25 make 85% of the workforce in sweatshops >Up to 75% of a sweatshop worker's income is spent on.

By Matt Zwolinski I. Introduction opposed to sweatshop labor is that it is wrongfully exploitative.1 The economist’s standard response to this charge is to point out that sweat-shop labor provides tremendous benefits to workers—a fact demon-.

Shaun Hamlin Sawyer Kemp UWP 1, Word Count: February 25, Slavery in the Sweatshop. Slavery in the Sweatshop (Final) In today’s consumer driven society the cheap merchandise that is constantly pumped out of China has become an extremely accessible and highly purchased product.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Sweat shops can be included by harmful materials, hazardous situations, extreme temperatures, or abuse from employers. The sweatshop workers often work long hours but just for a little pay, regardless of any laws mandating overtime pay or a minimum wage.

Lets take a look at sweatshops through their extreme exploitation, III. Body A. A sweatshop is a place where workers are subject to extreme exploitation, including absence of a living wage, no benefits, poor working condition, and verbal and physical abuse.

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Slavery in the Sweatshop (Definitional Argument) | shaunhamlin1