Pearl harbor research paper 2010

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Pearl harbor research paper 2010

Jessica Reed "Beep, Beep, Beep. After they realized that the planes were American, the two alarmed men relaxed and returned to their duties. The attack of Pearl Harbor was a catastrophic event that caused deathpain, and suffering, both in a direct and indirect way.

It killed nearly 2, people, caused the entrance of the US into World War Two, and changed the nation in other extravagant ways. Even though the attack of Pearl Harbor began on December 7thcitizens of Oahu, Hawaii could feel that the atmosphere around them was different the night before.

George Gelley, who was a military commander in Honolulu at the time, made the prophetic remark that the night was just like the calm before Pearl harbor research paper 2010 storm Time Magazine. Little did he know that the beginning of what would seem like the end would occur early the next morning.

On December 7th at approximately 6: The actual raid began at 7: This is not drill! Many soldiers recall this helpless moment where they could see their lives flash before their eyes and feel the anger, helplessness, and pain of that moment.

Attack on Pearl Harbor Essay

As a result of this first attack, in addition to torpedoes, many US battle ships were annihilated as well as US planes that attempted to stop the attack. Ironically, Washington was just beginning to receive the news of the attack at the very same time that the Japanese were negotiating peace in the pacific according to Robert Sullivan.

After the first hours of attack, a nurse at a hospital, named Elizabeth Murphy remembered what the day was like. I had never seen anything like this! This attack consisted of 78 dive bombers that would disseminate to bomb ships,54 high-level bombers, and 36 fighters that would maintain air control "The Attack of Pearl Harbor".

The attack only lasted 90 minutes but seemed like an eternity for some who were there at the time.

Pearl harbor research paper 2010

As a result of Pearl Harbor around 2, people died and 1, were injured severely. In addition, eighteen ships were sunk or run aground, including five battleships. So how did so many US possessions shatter when the army could have responded by attacking the Japanese in return? Well, it turned out that the Japanese actually completely surprised the US army base.

However, they did anyways and accomplished what they needed to. The US had no idea the Japanese were coming and were therefore unprepared to return an attack. The number of deaths that would result directly, however, were minuscule compared to the deaths that would result as an effect of the attack.

Before the US was bombarded by the Japanese, they were debating whether or not to join the war. According to Michael Gannon, the author of the book "Pearl Harbor Betrayed", a poll was taken before the attack on February 24th that asked whether or not the US should try to stop Japan from seizing the West Indies and Singapore.

It turned out that 56 percent of voters replied yes, 24 percent replied no, and 20 remained undecided After the monumental event, however, the decision to join the war with the Japanese was confirmed. This decision would result in a plethora of deaths from both the Japanese and the US. It was a decision making event that even the Japanese regretted making after the results.

Not only did the American people allow the war after the event, but they were compelled to join it as well.

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The war encouraged the U. Between the more than 15 million people who joined the U. With the entrance of the US into the world war with Japan the deaths of Pearl Harbor would not compare with the plethora of deaths that would result from the war. The war also provided a golden opportunity for woman of the US to be given more prerogatives and be treated more equally than before.

They received many more jobs as a result of the absence of men in the country and even fought in the war themselves. The attack of Pearl Harbor resulted in many changes that would affect the nation.

However, it most importantly propelled the US into World War 2 which resulted in pain, sorrow, and death as war always does.Read Attack on Pearl Harbor free essay and over 88, other research documents. Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl harbor research paper 2010

About, sixty-five years ago on a large naval base in a small state named Hawaii the United States of /5(1). The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, , led military and political leaders to suspect that Imperial Japan was preparing a full-scale attack on the West Coast of the United to Japan's rapid military conquest of a large portion of Asia and the Pacific between and , some Americans feared that its military forces were unstoppable.

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