Motivational theories pros and cons

The study of employee work motivation has focused on how to motivate the employee as well as the manager. Motivation theories are important to supervisors attempting to be effective leaders, in gaining loyalty and productivity from worker.

Motivational theories pros and cons

Advantages and Limitations Article shared by: The ERG need theory developed by Alderfer, condenses the five needs given by Maslow into three needs.

The ERG word is derived from the first letters of each of these levels of needs. The existence needs are satisfied by material incentives. These include relationships with other people we care about.

These needs are satisfied by personal relationships and social interactions. This need involves persons making creative efforts to achieve full potential in the existing environment. These needs will be satisfied only if an individual involves himself in the activities of the organisation and searches for new challenges and opportunities.

The ERG theory on the other hand assumes that more than one need may be operative at the same time. It is not necessary that the existence needs must be satisfied first, only then he can move on to relatedness needs or to growth needs. A person may be working on his growth needs even though his existence needs may be unsatisfied.

Maslow was of the opinion that a person will move to the next level only if the needs of the previous level are satisfied. For example, if a person can not satisfy his growth oriented needs, he will increase his social interaction or the relatedness need.


If his efforts are frustrated in meeting these needs also, he will move back to existence needs and may ask for more material benefits. The main advantages of the ERG theory are as follows: Every individual will have different importance for different group of needs depending upon his education, family background and cultural environment.

A very qualified person will value the growth needs more than the social needs or even the existence needs. On the other hand, a person who belongs to a very poor family will rate the existence needs more important.

Limitations of ERG Theory: Disadvantages of the theory are as follows: The ERG theory does not offer clear cut guidelines. This theory says that an individual can satisfy any of the three needs first. But how will we determine which of the three needs is more important to that person.In this in-depth guide we explore all components and pros & cons of transactional leadership.

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Motivational theories pros and cons

Burns introduced transactional and transformational leadership as the two core leadership theories in his book with rather simplistic motivational models influencing their behavior. In essence, the. An attribution style is defined as a tendency to consis- tently contribute positive and negative outcomes to a specific type of cause (e.g., internal or external, stable or unstable).

Soft skills are hard to come by naturally, but not impossible to learn.

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Click to know which soft skills a project manager needs on the job, and why are them important. The expectancy theory looks at every motivational factor as a stand-alone event.

Under the theory's worldview, employees work on a project for a certain reward, then . May 07,  · Best Answer: we definately need maslow's hierarchy.

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But what is charismatic leadership about? In this guide, we’ll explore the theories that gave birth to this leadership style from Weber to House.

We’ll also look at the core elements of charismatic leadership theory and analyze the characteristics leaders need to possess in order to be considered charismatic.

Motivational theories pros and cons

Finally, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of the style before.

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