Is technology a boon or a

Non-Executive and Independent Director B. Sc Hon 2AUniversity of Queensland,

Is technology a boon or a

Keppel Technology Advisory Panel Keppel Technology Advisory Panel The Group promotes a culture of innovation with guidance from a panel of eminent business leaders, professionals and industry experts. Its members include eminent business leaders and industry experts from across the world.

Over the years, KTAP members have contributed to a broad range of ideas and technology foresight in Keppel. Besides offshore and marine topics like drilling and subsea technologies, KTAP has broadened its agenda to cover more of Keppel's diversified businesses, with themes like sustainable urbanisation, wastewater technologies, solid waste management, alternative energy and more.

This has helped Keppel to enhance business value and to harness synergies across the Group. He has some publications on water and wastewater management, has founded spin-off companies based on his IPs, and serves as technical advisor to government agencies and various environmental companies across ASEAN, China and India.

He also operates his own spin-off companies which are active in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Professor Chan Eng Soon B. Professor Chan has served on the Management Board and Board of Governors of various institutions and research centres.

Naval Architecture, University of Glasgow. Mr Noble is a naval architect and ocean engineer with a wide range of expertise and experience in the marine and offshore industries.

His career has included positions with shipyards, ship and offshore design consultants, offshore and marine research and development companies, major classification societies and as chief naval architect with an international oil company.

He currently undertakes consulting and advisory assignments across a broad range of topics relating to ocean engineering. Mr Noble holds a number of patents and is active on the advisory boards of a number of universities and institutions.

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Dr Liu Thai-Ker B. He is a member of several governmental bodies in Singapore and planning advisor to around 30 cities in China. He is a prolific researcher with over refereed papers to his credit and the holder of more than 30 patents.

Professor Swithenbank's current work is largely focused on energy and environmental issues of CHP, fossil fuels, biomass, wastes and hydrogen.

Is technology a boon or a

Professor Thomke has published widely and is an authority on innovation management. Chua Kee Lock BSc.

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From toMr Chua was a managing director of Walden International. Between to and tohe served in various senior roles within the NatSteel Group. Computer Science University of Texas at Austin. Prior to IBM, Professor Foong spent 10 years in the IT industry with healthcare, banks, university, and led design and implementation of top secret fighter craft simulators for defence.Having said all this, technology is also a boon.

It has connected people from all over the world. Years ago, friends would lose touch with each other because there were limited modes of communication.

Boon is a game-changing internal referral technology that helps companies hire the best talent in their organization's networks. Powerful matching algorithms do the heavy lifting of identifying candidates and engaging the right employees, custom rewards and gamification inspire action, and deep integrations and stats dashboards provide clarity and integrity to a referral program - rendering.

Intelligent Machines Google’s AI Explosion in One Chart Surging investment in machine learning is vaulting Google into the scientific stratosphere. 3 FOREWORD The workshop on Adoption of Technologies for Sustainable Farming Systems, hosted by The Netherland’s Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries, was held in Wageningen on.

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Aug 25,  · Im sure about it,technology is a boon,the possibilities of world war 3 is less,so that all the nations show their power through their development through need to show our power through development of

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