Geno hybridization micro essay

Gene expression profiling In an mRNA or gene expression profiling experiment the expression levels of thousands of genes are simultaneously monitored to study the effects of certain treatments, diseasesand developmental stages on gene expression. For example, microarray-based gene expression profiling can be used to identify genes whose expression is changed in response to pathogens or other organisms by comparing gene expression in infected to that in uninfected cells or tissues. Chromatin immunoprecipitation on Chip DNA sequences bound to a particular protein can be isolated by immunoprecipitating that protein ChIPthese fragments can be then hybridized to a microarray such as a tiling array allowing the determination of protein binding site occupancy throughout the genome. DamID Analogously to ChIPgenomic regions bound by a protein of interest can be isolated and used to probe a microarray to determine binding site occupancy.

Geno hybridization micro essay

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Geno hybridization micro essay

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What is Hybridization?

professional article editing services for . An on-chip DNA hybridization assay refers to the bioassay conducted on the microfluidic system/device based on the nucleic acid hybridization technique. As one of the molecular techniques, DNA hybridization is a powerful tool for detecting and identifying the presence of a .

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