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It is his tradition of luxury, excellence, and service that has set the standards for hotels and restaurants throughout the world. Bachelor students specialise in hospitality and entrepreneurship, and their Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management degree in partnership with Washington State University, USA leads them to develop a fully elaborated, realistic business plan for a successful debut in the hospitality industry. For graduate students, the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry, provides a contemporary curriculum preparing graduates to launch and maintain a sustainable and profitable business within a challenging global environment. Bachelor students can choose between Le Bouveret and Lucerne for their first two years, before moving up to Brig for their final year.

Educaedu business plan

Functional knowledge across all business disciplines Strong focus on strategy to address complex issues and competitive challenges Leadership and the ability to work effectively in teams Proficiency in computing for analysis, communication and presentations Creative, informed decision analysis Oral and written management communication skills with improved English fluency An international management perspective All Executive MBA students come with superior track records in their fields.

What is learned in class can be applied at the work place immediately. Generally accepted concepts, assumptions, standards and practices used in recording business transactions and in the preparation of published financial statements: The basic recording cycle involved in recording, storing and summarizing business transactions, accounting for current assets, inventories, plant-property-equipment, liabilities, capital stock and retained earnings.

The effect of different accounting alternatives on the financial position and profitability of the company. Analysis and interpretation of financial statements.


Accounting information that enhances decision making, guides strategy development, evaluates existing strategies, and focuses efforts related to improving organizational performance.

Emphasis on innovative practices including activity-based costing and target costing and the balanced scorecard. Techniques for analyzing industries, competitors, and companies from a strategic perspective.

educaedu business plan

A comprehensive audit of company strategy to explore the major competitive, organizational, and human resource issues the designated company will face in the future. Integrative learning experience in the essentials of financial accounting, principles of marketing, finance and operations management; and the importance of good forecasting in balancing the overall business activities of a firm in a market- driven economy.

Corporate re-organisation, portfolio management and business restructuring.

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Deconstruction of the value chain covering the shared services implementation; how to do business in mature and emerging markets highlighting the importance of a? Transformation from product to service business, how to work with consultants in different business circumstances.

Issuance of corporate securities, corporate financing decisions, dividend policy, capital structure, and corporate risk management.

Demand, supply and equilibrium in a competitive market. Market equilibrium in monopolistic and oligopolistic markets; markets with network externalities; behavior under conditions of asymmetric information.

educaedu business plan

Basic national income accounting, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, determination of exchange rates and international aspects of macroeconomics. Investigation of the post Turkish economy with emphasis on current policy issues and future prospects.

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Development of skills and knowledge required for organizing and managing a new business enterprise and preparing the business plan.Bachelor students specialise in hospitality and entrepreneurship, and their Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management degree (in partnership with Washington State University, USA) leads them to develop a fully elaborated, realistic business plan for a successful debut in the hospitality industry.

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- CIF: B Beyond the principal Business modules offered within each major, an example of some of the Orientation Subjects can be found below: Cultural strategies to successful deals Business Ideas, Business Model, Business Plan. The Guide to Environmental Career in Australia was written following a research projectundertaken by RMIT University and The Environme.

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