Descriptive essay on autumn season

Taken out of context, many of the poems could stand alone as reflections of lost love, memories of excursions shared, and praise for a fleeting moment of laughter or glancing sunlight. Gle ason, who abandoned a career as a Congregational minister in midlife and went on to become one of the most distinguished landscape photographers of his age. The book is thick with Gleason's photos and also contains an extensive bibliography.

Descriptive essay on autumn season

Yet autumn is far from miserable. I love the unexpected warm days. I love the colours of the season and the wind and rain feels quite energetic and powerful.

It has always felt like a season of portents and omens, birds are flocking, deer are rutting, autumnal colour is everywhere. So how do we write what autumn feels like?

Countless horror movies are set at this time of year, no better demonstrated than it the cold and imposing forests of The Blair Witch Project and The Village. These are films that use Autumn atmosphere to maximum effect. It is the perfect time of year because death is a constant reminder. It is getting colder and darker; leaves are falling from the trees.

There is a chill in the air overnight, frost on the ground in the morning, mist and fog in the air. Dry, dead leaves crunch beneath your feet and clouds appear when you breathe out.

There is still a lingering warmth but always a constant reminder of the cold to come. It is also the season of Halloween and in the Commonwealth, Bonfire Night. Those five days between the end of October and the beginning of November is, for me, the beginning of the build up to the Christmas season.

People actually begin to enjoy the colder weather and the darker evenings as it reminds of the what is to come. Life and death Smells Autumn smells of frost.

Yes, I do think frost has a smell and I do not find it unpleasant. It is a dry, sharp, prickly smell that you can experience first thing in the morning, within the first hour of sunrise.

Autumn smells of woodfire, bonfires and the gunpowder of firework displays. Sights Exmoor — September Copyright MG Mason copyright: MG Mason Despite the slow descent towards a seeming death, there is still much life in the old year yet.

Before they all drop off of the trees, leaves turn dazzling colours of ambers, reds and yellows creating images like this. The English countryside is famous for this sort of scene throughout the autumn.

Descriptive essay on autumn season

It is also the season of fruitpicking: These are not just colourful but a reminder of the pinnacle of the livelihood of the season at the end of the year. Also think about the sort of clothing that people might wear at this time of year. Scarves, woolies, larger coats, sweaters.

For men, jackets more often than not. For women, the fashion seems to be in boots a lot more, cardigans. People are wrapping up warm but not wrapped up so tightly just yet. What are the autumn sounds? Whistling wind, roaring wind, heavier rain.

For those of us living in the countryside it is a season of shrieking foxes, of the calling of deer for the rutting season. Small mammals such as badgers and squirrels scramble through the undergrowth during the darker evenings and overnight.

Tastes Give a serious think to the sort of foods that will be available at this time of year and how personal preferences might change. Aside from autumn fruits, it is associated with heavier or more filling foods.John Keats 's Poem Of Autumn Essay - Keats uses his poem to compare and contrast the unmistakable events that ensue during the days of autumn to eventful days of the other seasons.

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Descriptive Autumn Essay. Words Nov 16th, 4 Pages. Show More. Autumn John Keats In To Autumn', a superficial reading would suggest that John Keats writes about a typical day of this season, describing all kind of colourful and detailed images.

Descriptive essay on autumn season

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