Correctional officer cover letter

Bridgeview, IL Dear Mr. Marks, I offer this letter in response to your advertised Probation Officer position on www.

Correctional officer cover letter

Inthere were approximatelycorrectional officers in the United States according to the U.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is estimated that inmate populations currently exceed 1. It is the duty of the correctional officers to oversee the vast population of individuals who have been arrested, are awaiting trial, or who have been sentenced to serve time.

Correctional Officer Duties Typically, correctional officers are responsible for the following job duties: Enforce Rules and Keep Order: Inside the prison or jail, correctional officers enforce rules and regulations. They maintain security by settling disputes between inmates, preventing disturbances, assaults, and escapes.

Officers enforce regulations through effective communication and the use of progressive sanctions, which involve punishments, such as loss of privileges. Supervise the Activities of Inmates: Correctional officers supervise the daily activities of inmates, ensuring that inmates obey the rules.

They must also ensure the whereabouts of all inmates at all times. Officers also escort prisoners between the institution and courtrooms, medical facilities, and other destinations. Search for Contraband Items: Officers search inmates and their living quarters for contraband, such as weapons and drugs.

In addition officers are responsible for screening visitors and incoming mail to ensure contraband is not brought into the prison or jail. Correctional officers periodically inspect facilities. They check cells and other areas for unsanitary conditions, contraband, signs of a security breach such as tampering with window bars and doorsand any other evidence of violations of the rules.

Report on Inmate Conduct: Correctional officers must report any inmate who violates the rules. If a crime is committed within their institution or an inmate escapes, they help law enforcement authorities investigate and search for the escapee.

Correctional Officers are responsible for writing reports and filling out daily logs detailing inmate behavior and anything else of note that occurred during their shift. Aid in Rehabilitation and Counseling of Offenders: As many prisons and jails are often incredibly understaffed, correctional officers with advanced training or college educations are often utilized in the rehabilitation and counseling of offenders.

In addition, correctional officers also participate in the rehabilitation efforts by scheduling work assignments, counseling, and educational opportunities.Job description and jobs for CORRECTION OFFICER. Over 12, other Job Titles and Job Descriptions. Use our Career Interest Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there.

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Plus Free Job Search Tool. You can search and apply for over 2 million other jobs. Clarinda Correctional Facility Oliver Street Arlington, TX Dear Ms.

Manning, I am submitting this letter in hopes of securing a position with your facility as a Correctional Officer.

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Cover Letter for Correctional Officer. Correctional officers are the professionals who risk their lives daily for the protection of citizens and inmates.

They work in jail and . Job Duties and Tasks for: "First-Line Supervisor-Manager of Correctional Officer" 1) Convey correctional officers' and inmates' complaints to superiors.

2) Examine incoming and outgoing mail to ensure conformance with regulations. Apply to ASPC-Perryville thru Oct 30Apply to ASPC-Tucson thru Oct 30Apply to Positions StatewideApply for CO TraineeTo speak to a recruiter call: () Map of Arizona State Prison Complex Locations.

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Correctional officer cover letter
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