Civil war in congo essay

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Civil war in congo essay

With so many opposing factions, it has made reaching a solution difficult. While a rough peace treaty has been established, sporadic fighting pops up in the country everyday.

The people of Congo are being pushed farther into poverty and starvation can't handle the fighting for very much longer. I propose that the solution to the post-Civil War violence in Congo is to rid the country of all foreign nations and their problems, namely the Rwandans, and to get combatants inside of the country to hold a summit and find a peaceful and fair resolution to the problem, with a superpower like the United States acting as host and mediator.

Once all quarrels are amended, the Congolese can start to focus on a economic strategy for rebuilding the country. Sese Seko led to Africanizing of the country by requiring that all citizens drop their Christan names, and by renaming all the geographical locations with more African names.

Because of the misuse of the funds and wealth generated by natural resources, the rich got richer and the poor fell farther into poverty. Sese Seko abused Congo's natural resources and eventually helped lead the country into a state of economic ruin.

In Sese Seko was overthrown by Laurent Kabila. When Kabila took over the country it was in terrible condition but he did nothing to try and improve the state of the nation.

Civil war in congo essay

When he tried to expel the same Rwandan rebels that helped him come to power, he started a war that eventually led to his death. Many various ethnic and rebel groups inside of Congo who relied on the Rwandans for protection joined the uprising.

Shortly thereafter, Kabila's son Joseph was sworn in as the temporary President of Congo. Joseph, in contrast to his father, is working hard to successfully achieve peace in Congo. He has already taken a first step by assembling series of peace agreements, including the Lusaka Peace Agreement and the Pretoria Accord.

The only problem with these agreements is that not everyone is following them. Today, with the signing of the Sun City agreement a more permanent government has been set up. Joseph Kabila has remained the President, while 4 new vice presidents have been instated, two of which tried to overthrow Kabila during the war.

Rebel groups have been integrated into the country's police force and army, and the state of affairs appears to have improved. However there are still some other rebels who have not signed or followed the agreements. These rebels are mostly based in the east on the border of Rwanda, and have a bad history with the Rwandans.

The smallest event could trigger a full out war between Rwandans and rebels on Congo's soil. Furthermore, Rwanda is aggravating the situation by threatening to go into Congo and hunt down the Hutu Rebels based there. Ethnic Tutsis who live all over the country are a target for attacks by many different groups.

A majority of Congo's problems exist today because of Congo's diverse population. Many of the groups do not get along well and it is the responsibility of the Congolese Government to diffuse this tension.

Other countries problems are spilling into Congo, and while even though the Congolese have formed several peace agreements for themselves, they need to enforce them.

Now that large amounts of fighting have stopped inside the country, the Congolese need to worry about rebuilding and getting foreign problems out of their country.

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Published: Thu, 20 Jul INVESTIGATING THE CAUSES OF CONFLICT IN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC) Location of the D R Congo Background. The Congo is situated at the heart of the west-central portion of sub-Saharan Africa. The recent Civil War in Congo has been a bloody flight, causing more then million deaths in just 4 short years.1 Various rebel and ethnic groups have have been involved in the violence, fighting over Congo's rich natural resources or engaged in a bitter ethnic war.4/4(1).

The recent Civil War in Congo has been a bloody flight, causing more then million deaths in just 4 short years.1 Various rebel and ethnic groups have have been involved in the violence, fighting over Congo's rich natural resources or engaged in a bitter ethnic war.

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Civil war in congo essay