An introduction to the civil strife and chaos in russia

This was no narrative of ten earth-shaking days but one of months and years of compounding strife, a struggle for power by competing ideologies and regions and classes and political parties and ethnicities, all rushing to fill the vacuum left by the collapse of the tsarist regime, brought down by the First World War, that massive exercise in state-driven violence. For seven years, through war, revolutionary upheaval, and civil strife, one Russia replaced another; old institutions and ways of life were wiped away or adapted to new purposes.

An introduction to the civil strife and chaos in russia

With verve and ambition, Engelstein chronicles the history of war and revolution as they swept across this vast empire.

An introduction to the civil strife and chaos in russia

In this centenary year there will be many books onbut none will be as original in conception and as bold in argument as this. This is history written on an epic scale by a historian at the height of her powers.

A comprehensive, ideologically detached, and enormously enlightening work of Russian history.

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In this full, richly detailed study, the author effectively argues the Bolsheviks were ultimately triumphant because they focused on power and were more willing to employ violence against their adversaries, and one another, with horrific results.

Engelstein's monumental achievement is to have wrestled the sprawling ideological, ethnic and social conflicts, the shifting fronts, the coalescing and disintegrating armies and political fiefdoms, and the foreign entanglements into a compelling account of the disintegration of the old empire and the birth of the new.

In the following video, author Laura Engelstein sits down with Oxford University Press editor Tim Bent to discuss the history of the revolution, its global impact, and her book Russia in Flames: War, Revolution, Civil War, Posted on October 26, years since the world shook [excerpt] The fall of the Romanov dynasty may have occurred in an instant, but the wheels were set in motion long before The effects of the Russian revolution were felt far beyond the borders of Eastern Europe and changed the course of world history forever.

In this centenary year, Laura Engelstein, author of Russia in Flames: War, Revolution, Civil War,takes us back to the brutal battles that took place at the beginning of the 20th century, and gives us reason as to why we need to revisit it now.

Russia in Flames - Hardcover - Laura Engelstein - Oxford University Press

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In this monumental and sweeping new account, Laura Engelstein delves into the seven years of chaos surrounding the war, the revolutionary upheaval, and the civil strife it provoked.

These were years of breakdown and brutal violence on all sides, punctuated by .

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Facing civil unrest from the German people in Berlin, as well as the loss of support from his military high command, Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated his throne on November 9, .

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A Report on the Life and Conquest of Napoleon Bonaparte. 1, words. 2 pages.

An introduction to the civil strife and chaos in russia

An Introduction to the Civil Strife and Chaos in Russia. 2, words. 5 pages. An Analysis of the Sofia Alekseyevna of Russia's Life.

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words. 2 pages. For the next three years the country was devastated by civil strife, until by the Bolsheviks had finally emerged victorious Economic Change The economic causes of the Russian Revolution were based largely on the Czar’s mis-management, compounded by World War I.

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