A missed opportunity

When an appointment is scheduled in VA system and is canceled after appointment time, then this appointment is called missed opportunity. There are 3 major categories of missed opportunities: No show The patient fails to show up in the appointment 2.

A missed opportunity

For twelve hours the fighting raged. The sun, wrote one exhausted Confederate, seemed to go backward, as if held high by a Northern Joshua. As the stubborn orb finally surrendered its domain over the killing fields to the night sky, the roar battle was replaced by the moans and calls for mothers, for homes, by thousands of wounded men, gray and blue, scattered in heaps where they fell across the smoldering battlefield.

Some suffered in silence until death found them, while others called out to the stars for mercy and relief from the pain. Cries for water were ubiquitous. A private in the 9th New York Volunteers captured the feelings of many as the last shots echoed and fell away.

All around lay the Confederate dead As I looked down on the poor pinched faces Clearly it was not their war. Longstreet was late, having stopped to give what help he could to a civilian family.

When he arrived Lee embraced him. My old war horse! So many officers were down that confusion reigned. But Lee overruled them. The army would remain north of the Potomac and once again offer battle.

And if McClellan attacked? Lee was willing to gamble one more time that his old nemesis would remain true to form and idle the day away.

McClellan had, in fact, sent Lincoln a telegraph appraising him of the action and assuring the president that the battle would be resumed in the morning. Almost every man on the field dreaded the dawn for it surely meant a renewal of the battle.

A missed opportunity

But as the sun climbed higher in the sky on Thursday, September 18, nothing happened. Confederate and Union troops under white flags met out on the open fields and shook hands before gathering their dead and wounded to bring to field hospitals or, as they died in droves from their wounds, makeshift morgues like the Dunker Church now riddled with bullet holes.

Lee was no doubt relieved. But McClellan, happy to be spared the decision of whether to attack again, would let them go.

Situations of Opportunities Missed

The enemy was driven back into Virginia. The Army of Northern Virginia would live to fight another day. In this respect, Antietam, for all its importance and drama, would go down as the greatest missed opportunity of the Civil War. Brad Schaeffer is an historian, author, musician, and trader.

You can pre-order his book here:missed - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Aug 07,  · Im in here for something I didnt do too. A federal program called Opportunity Zones allows county mayors to designate high-poverty areas, or zones, that if approved by the state and federal government would then reward investors by.

BMW’s off-road heritage is peerless. The R80G/S was the forerunner of modern-day adventure bikes, and in the s, the Bavarians scored four hard-won Paris-Dakar trophies.

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So why hasn’t BMW ever built a classic scrambler? A few years ago, the Germans dipped their toes into the enduro market. Two-thirds of young women aged who were eligible to receive Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine have missed at least one opportunity to receive the vaccine during a visit to an obstetrics and gynecology clinic, Yale researchers report.

The ways we get in touch with customers when we need to get in touch are hopeless. People are avoiding business to business emails (spam has ruined the party) and voice calls tend to be infuriating.

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